Snow Peas

In February 2011, I started these Oregon Sugar Pod Snow Peas in my Jiffy Seed Starter. Of all the seeds I planted, they were the first ones to sprout, after just 2 days. I was actually surprised to see results this fast – last year when I planted in used yogurt cups, everything took a week or longer to sprout. After 14 days, the plants were too big for their peat pots, and it was time to transplant.

Choosing a container

I’ve heard from other gardeners that peas need a large deep pot in order to thrive in a container, but I believe where there’s a will, there’s a way. I had a rectangular container laying around (24″L*8″W*7″D) that I thought would make for a nice small wall of peas, so I decided to give it a try. I took 6 sprouts and planted them in a row about 2 inches apart. When they get a little bit taller, I’ll add some stakes and string so they have something to climb up.

How to grow your own from seed

The seeds are actually dry peas from the prior year. Plant them 1-2 inches deep, and one or two per seed pot. They will typically sprout in one or two weeks, and they mature in 68 days. This particular variety doesn’t necessarily need to be staked, but they do have feelers that seek out a support, so when time comes to transplant them, you may want put them in a pot with two stakes and some string so they have something to climb.

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